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Manager Abstract

In every hotel investment, the operational and financial control departments of the hotel stand in a central position between the property owner and the operator. Control affects the financial performance of the hotel and the returns gained by the both parties. Control also comes to the forefront as a key tool for risk shifting between the parties.

SERVUS International helps the property-owning developers with fundamental questions about control: Should the property owners operate the property? If yes, on which conditions? If no, what kind of an operator should they hire? The answers to these questions affect the product, the investment and the seriousness of the development decisions.

We support the developer/property owner's decision making, taking into view location of the market and the purposes of the developer/property owner. In a case where you (as the property owner) choose not to take the responsibility of operating a hotel, hiring a third party may come into question as an alternative (be it via a management contract, a lease contract or a combination of franchise and management contracts), or leasing may be an option.

We structuralized these kinds of alternatives for our clients in nearly all of European markets. Through the expertise and experience we gained, we have developed innovative models based on the interests of all parties (property owner/developer, brand/manager, creditor).

Based on the hotel management expertise it gained among its manager, property owner and brand clients throughout the decades; SERVUS International receives demand for support in the areas of business development and commencing the operations to ensure high standards both during the initial development stage or the first years of hotel management.

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