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Management Summary

SERVUS Asset Management and Operational Consultancy Services helps you generate the maximum profit from your hotel investments.

No two hotels are completely identical because of the different personalities of their personnel, even if there is no other reason. Naturally, there are several more features other than the personnel that define the operation of each hotel.

To succeed in a very competitive market a hotel must determine the features and requirements that differ it from others and must have the ability to take action according to these. It is required to know its strengths and weaknesses and the ever changing competition factors.

A feature shared by the most hotels is the need to reach the desired goal - namely increased profitability - a smoother operation and optimum asset value.

If you are not satisfied with the financial performance of your hotel or you want the establishment that you're about to purchase to demonstrate its maximum performance, you definitely should implement Net Asset Management. Our team of experts will go into the smallest details of a hotel operation in order to improve it in this direction and give you accurate results.

SERVUS Asset Management and Operational Consultancy Services always targets maximum profitability through asset value optimization and problem-free operations. Our services include an extensive programme that helps each establishment get the best financial results.

We can improve the hotel performance in the management and financial fields. Our team can show your sales personnel the ways to fill the rooms and conference halls. We have a diverse client portfolio, from corporates that have one or more establishments (assets) to individual hotel owners.

We provide the highest quality asset management and operational consultancy services in the accommodation sector. Our services are designed to satisfy the unique needs of each client and establishment. The focal point is to increase the profitability and value of the hotel assets.

SERVUS Asset Management offers a complete line of value-increasing services. Since our firm combines its analytical knowledge of hotels with wide operational experience, our team is qualified to offer these services. We know which strategies and management applications yield an improved cash flow and establishment value.

We are experienced in every field of hotel operation and we can help you increase the value of entire establishments or particular departments. After that, we provide clear advice to improve the operation, financial or procedural.

We offer Operational Assessment on two levels:

SERVUS Performance Check-Up is a three to four-day process that comprises of internal cost control of each department of the hotel and the market positioning. This way, we can asses the primary centers of pressure in the operation and offer you strategies focused on increased income and decreased costs.

SERVUS Extensive Operational Assessment and Control is an analysis of the hotel assets. It takes ten to fifteen days and includes the study of operational guides, sales and marketing plans, financial history, budgets, application and procedure guides, personnel contracts and the background of key managers. Later, we interview each manager, department chief and some of the personnel to determine the responsivities and procedures they use. An analysis of the systems and checks in the hotel and an assessment of the hotel's income generating capacity, expenditure cut procedures, cash flow goals and targets follows this.

General Steps and Responsibilities:

As the managerial groups previously studied, the investment structure of the establishment and the individual needs and goals of the investor are the key topics to determine the asset manager's relations with other managers and the distribution of responsibilities. In connection with key indicators in reviewing the income performance, the asset manager is responsible in the areas below:

  • Reports that review the important parts of financial performance and marketing are submitted to the investor periodically or on demand.
  • All the present assets and financial records, the proposed contracts and the financial performance of the hotel are reviewed. This part includes the efficiency of the management and the franchise programme.
  • Changing the partnerships and the financial capabilities of the hotel, running the exit strategies with support of necessary financial inspections and reports.
  • Credit performance inspection and management
  • Management contract negotiations, Regular administrative practices of the present contract (also includes adhering to the contract and the performance evaluation of the management). In the case of a change in management, running the new contract and transfer practices together with legal groups.
  • Annual work plan, strategy planning practices. (Includes profit-loss, marketing plan and capital budgeting plan)
  • Reviewing the sales and marketing programme performance.
  • HR management, follow-up of the primary tendencies, preparing the contracts and the packages.
  • Capital planning and programme analysis.
  • Real estate taxing management and administration.
  • Insurance programme operations.
  • Chain and/or licensing operations.
  • Revised management contract.

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